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Mushrooms Are Magic!

Posted by Zach Hayes-Handy on

Did you know mushrooms breathe like we do?

Unlike most plants which inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen, mushrooms do the exact opposite, just like humans!


That is just one of the amazing attributes of these peculiar little organisms.

Kim's Transformative Journey: Part 2

Posted by Zach Hayes-Handy on
"Change"  is such a limited word to describe what is happening in my life since my first workshop with JoQueta and Zach.  My experience of connecting with Source was so profound, I had to continue down the new path that had opened before me.

Stepping Out Part 4: Get up-Get Out and Get Over It

Posted by JoQueta Handy on

I was about 4 years old when I remember the first cup of water being splashed in my face as the sun was just beginning to rise.

Get up sleepy head. Daylight is burning,” I heard my grandfather say as he roused me and the room full of my sleeping cousins.  It was time to get up and get to work. The only day work wasn’t being done in my family was on Sunday because this was The Lord’s Day and that meant a day of rest, according to my grandfather. There was always work to be done on a 2000-acre cattle ranch in rural Oklahoma. I grew up being told things like:

Happy Anniversary Brilliant Blends

Posted by Zach Hayes-Handy on

Brilliant Blends officially launched April 5, 2021, with our first sale of Adapt and Thrive. 

We hit the ground running with our debut at Wake-Up OC in June of 2021. Our internet presence began to grow as did our professional direct sales.

In August 2021, we added HRV testing with Somatic Breathwork and Brain-tap at our Wellness Center in Newport Beach.

Stepping Out Part 3: PTSD? Who, ME?

Posted by JoQueta Handy on

In sharing my journey through plant medicine education and healing, my hope is that it will not only show you my transparency, but also reduce any fear or misconceptions you might have about plant medicine....

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