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The Magic of Mushrooms: Ashwaganda

Posted by JoQueta Handy on

As we begin our journey from mushrooms to the world of adaptogenic herbs, we travel to some of the harshest environments on the globe. From the extreme heat of the Indian deserts, to the frigid...

The Magic of Mushrooms: Lion's Mane

Posted by JoQueta Handy on

Walking in the forest, and finding mushrooms, is a feast for the senses.  Rich, sensual fragrances and inviting textures are everywhere; from the deep moist soil and the rough bark of the trees, to the earthy sometimes...

The Magic of Mushrooms: Reishi

Posted by JoQueta Handy on
Come with me on an afternoon walk through the woods, to meet one of my favorite companions, The Reishi Mushroom.

Mushrooms Are Magic!

Posted by Zach Hayes-Handy on

Did you know mushrooms breathe like we do?

Unlike most plants which inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen, mushrooms do the exact opposite, just like humans!


That is just one of the amazing attributes of these peculiar little organisms.

Happy Anniversary Brilliant Blends

Posted by Zach Hayes-Handy on

Brilliant Blends officially launched April 5, 2021, with our first sale of Adapt and Thrive. 

We hit the ground running with our debut at Wake-Up OC in June of 2021. Our internet presence began to grow as did our professional direct sales.

In August 2021, we added HRV testing with Somatic Breathwork and Brain-tap at our Wellness Center in Newport Beach.

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