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Brain Success Formula

Adapt helps to enhance memory, support the immune system, and helps protect the body from the effects of stress*


The Science Behind Adapt

Today children and adults are plagued with stressors from food, environment, and medications. These stressors create an ongoing insult to their brain, digestive tract and immune system. This ongoing and prolonged stress response ultimately affects the brain’s ability to focus, attend and learn in a calm, homeostatic state. Our Brilliant Blend provides the necessary ingredients and raw materials to bring the body and brain back to optimum states so the individual can easily adapt to their environment.

Our Manufacturer

  • Doctor formulated

  • High-quality clinical-grade sourcing

  • 40 yr old company

  • Top certifications in manufacturing standards held in the US

  • All locally sourced farms within 200 miles of our facility to assure the highest quality control

Raw Benefits

Adapt Brain Success Formula provides the necessary ingredients and raw materials to not only support the brain and cognitive development in a positive way, but to nurture the organs of digestion. This formulation creates a more homeostatic state where learning, memory, focus, and cognitive function can occur easier and at a higher efficiency rate.

Best Dosing Practice

Stack it for Clear, Calm, Brilliance

Daily- in the morning and afternoon for decreased anxiety, increased focus, and attention with elevated mood 

Take 1 capsule of Adapt and 2 capsules of Enrich anytime during the day

Performance- For athletic performance, focused study time, getting in the zone, increased  energy, and elevated mood

Take 2 to 3 capsules of Enrich throughout the day

Sleep- For increased REM sleep, supporting brain detox

Take 2 to 3 capsules of Adapt at bed

Adapt and Enrich can be taken with or without food