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Mushrooms Are Magic!

Posted by Zach Hayes-Handy on
Mushrooms Are Magic!

Mushrooms are Magic!


Did you know mushrooms breathe like we do?

Unlike most plants which inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen, mushrooms do the exact opposite, just like humans!


That is just one of the amazing attributes of these peculiar little organisms.


Did you know mushrooms can actually “talk” to one another?

That’s right. Mushrooms have their own unique “language” of frequencies that they use to send information from one mycelial network to the next.

A new study from The Royal Society recently discovered at least 50 unique “words” that fungi use to communicate. What’s even crazier is that you can actually HEAR them talking to one another.


@ModernBiology on recently released this video on TikTok showing what mushrooms sound like. By hooking up 2 electrodes to the cap of a mushroom and connecting them to a synthesizer that converts the changing bioelectrical charges in the fungi into musical notes, they were able to actually hear the sound of mushrooms talking. The result is nothing short of surreal.


But the magic doesn’t stop there. Mushrooms can also communicate across species of other fungi.


This video demonstrates what happens when two mushrooms, Lions Mane and Blues Oyster, touch while connected to bio-modulating synthesizers.


Mushrooms are like great translators of the plant and animal kingdom. Mycelial and mycorrhizal networks between connect tree root systems beneath the ground and allow them to share not only information, but water and other nutrients to the organisms that need it most in the ecosystem.


Mushrooms are able to receive and transmit information at astounding rates, and with a level of intelligence that our science is just now beginning to understand. Just imagine the information exchange going on in your gut microbiome when you ingest these fantastic fungi!



"Mycellium is Earth's natural internet" - Paul Stamets


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