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Happy Anniversary Brilliant Blends

Posted by Zach Hayes-Handy on
Happy Anniversary Brilliant Blends

Brilliant Blends officially launched April 5, 2021, with our first sale of Adapt and Thrive. 

We hit the ground running with our debut at Wake-Up OC in June of 2021. Our internet presence began to grow as did our professional direct sales.

In August 2021, we added HRV testing with Somatic Breathwork and Brain-tap at our Wellness Center in Newport Beach.

In November 2021, Dr. JoQueta began her Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy Certification and new things began to blossom. Expansion was in the air for Brilliant Blends.

In Feb 2022, our little company really began to grow. We went from being just a supplement company to having an international presence, expanding into integration coaching sessions for micro-dosing as well as transformational workshops.

I would like to take this moment to thank all people who have been apart of our Brilliant journey so far. Whether as a customer, friend, mentor, or one of the amazing people who participated in our one-day workshop in Feb and 2-day workshop in April, we are so grateful for you joining us on our mission. The one-day workshop was great, but the 2-day workshop was pretty much over the top with the people who came and the incredible space that they held for creating change in themselves, the community, and the world.  I am so proud of all the work they did and excited with how their lives are already expanding just one week later.  It was a huge blessing to be part of their healing journey. We are also extremely grateful for our patients who are participating in our micro-dosing coaching and somatic breathwork sessions. You have filled our hearts in tremendous way.

Upcoming Workshops and Retreats

Just a few days after our one-year anniversary, we are excited to announce we are releasing the much-requested Transformational Workshop and Retreat Calendar with events scheduled through the rest of 2022, and more coming in 2023.

Dr JoQueta has just returned from the Flint Hills of Kansas, where the prairie grass blows and Bison roam. It is a magical place that will expand your heart and bring peace to your mind, body, and soul.

3-day retreats are being offered in Kansas at 2 different locations.  Both are incredible for deep transformative work.  For those of you who enjoy glamping, we have a special treat for you. The Dry Creek Post Glamping site comes complete with fields of wildflowers, tons of butterflies, rolling prairie grass and Bison roaming within 50 feet of your tents. These tents are nothing like you have seen before.  They have queen size beds and Tempur-Pedic mattresses.

Or for you who like more the 5-star experience, still with views of Bison, green rolling hills and prairie grass, but not quite as up close and personal with nature, come join us at the beautiful, historic Clover Cliffs Ranch that dates to the 1860s. Dates for this location will be offered starting in 2023.

For our beach loving folks, we have 2-day retreats at the beautiful Sweat Sanctuary in San Clemente. It is a wonderful yoga studio complete with infra-red ceiling and ocean breezes. It offers a small, private and serene experience.

We will continue to offer one day workshops for private groups at individual requests.

We will be sending out more information about the upcoming workshops and retreats in the coming weeks and months. If there is a specific event that speaks to your heart, please reach out ASAP to reserve your spot as space is limited.

What an amazing year it has been!!! The growth in the company as well as the Brilliant Blends family is so exciting. Thank you for all your love and support. Thank you for making our first year so successful. We can’t wait for all you to experience this next phase of our growth and expansion.

We are so grateful for this journey with you.

Many Blessings,

Dr. JoQueta and Zach

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