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Kim's Transformative Journey: Part 2

Posted by Zach Hayes-Handy on
Kim's Transformative Journey: Part 2

"Change"  is such a limited word to describe what is happening in my life since my first workshop with JoQueta and Zach.  My experience of connecting with Source was so profound, I had to continue down the new path that had opened before me.

Days after the workshop, I explored old avenues I had not long desired to travel.  I read new books and revisited my training in Reiki, sound healing and sacred geometry. I dove deep into sacred plant medicine. The medicinal plants speak to our bodies and touch our souls.  They deliver to us the loving energy of nature and the healing vibrations of Mother Earth.   They remind us what it is to experience true joy and freedom; connection to the consciousness of "I Am".   This is what I feel every day when I return to my memories of that first experience.  By spending time in nature I connect to the Earth, and her touch heals me.  She reminds me to slow down and breathe; release my fears and sink into her loving embrace.  How could I not want to continue to explore where the mushroom teachers might take me? What new pathways might open in my mind, my heart, my life?

I began working with Dr. JoQueta soon after.  Microdosing with the same beautiful teacher from my one day workshop. So far I have noticed I am less triggered by events that used to cause me emotional distress.  Now, I am often able to step outside of what is happening; outside of the drama and see events in a different light.  I find myself laughing more freely, sometimes even going for days with a constant smile on my face and an over-all lightness of spirit. Starting conversations with complete strangers and wanting to spend more quiet time in nature and more time with friends.  Every day I feel my heart expanding, new pathways in my mind opening.  I know this is the gift the mushrooms are offering, and I am the willing recipient.  Overjoyed and excited to see where this leads me.  To crystallize a new version of my story. To teach me to become the creator of my new adventure.

 "What you are living is but a fractional inkling of what is really within you-"
Joseph Campbell


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