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Kim’s Transformative Journey

Posted by JoQueta Handy on
Kim’s Transformative Journey

I could go on and on about what an amazing, transformational experience I had. Here it goes...

Since this was my first experience with a transformative workshop, I was excited and a little nervous. Dr. JoQueta sent us an email before the ceremony with some information about what to expect and some tips to help make our experience better. This was very helpful, and let me know they were knowledgeable and experienced with using plant medicine in a ceremonial setting.

From the minute I arrived, Dr. JoQueta and Zach made me feel comfortable and safe. All of my nervous anticipation went away. The ceremonial space was beautiful and inviting. We each had our own space with a mat and comfortable seating. Soft blankets and pillows were arranged at each mat to help us be more comfortable. Since I already knew the people who would be sharing the ceremony with me, I felt even more comfortable.

The opening activities, breath work, eye gazing, and music, all helped to increase my feelings of connection with the group. We all shared our stories and our intentions for the ceremony, Dr. JoQueta and Zach shared as well. This sharing of our stories and our intentions for the ceremony helped create an even deeper feeling of connectedness with the entire group.  Before the actual ceremony Dr. JoQueta talked about the medicine that we would be taking.  Her knowledge and respect for them was evident as she described the plants that they had specifically chosen for our ceremony.  

What can I say about my personal experience with the medicine?  First, I cannot think of a better place or better people to have partnered with for my first experience.  At any other time in my life it definitely would not have been the same.

My experience was enhanced and magnified by Zach's masterful selection of music to help guide us along our journey. During my ceremony, I felt wave after wave of pure love and joy. I felt the presence of the Divine and the connectedness of all things. So much joy and so much love, I became it!! I could not stop smiling........and laughing. Dr. JoQueta was kind and loving and helped me work through some of my darker stuff.........letting go of my fear and "stepping out of my story."

Part of my intention for the ceremony was to step outside of my fear, and since I was not afraid,  I said YES!  Even now, when I hear one of the songs that Zach played, I am taken right back to that feeling of pure, unrelenting joy and love. This truly was a positive, transforming experience for me.

Dr. JoQueta and Zach are both the perfect mix of knowledge, professionalism and loving kindness.  They are the best teachers and I can't wait to continue working with them. I will definitely recommend this to all of my friends, in fact, I already have.

In her original email to us,  before we started on our journey,  Dr. JoQueta closed with a quote from Rumi.  Reading it now, it has so much more meaning for me.........

"Your task is not to seek for love but merely to seek and find all

the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

 - Rumi

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